About Us

Mission Statement

“Represent, Support, and Promote the general welfare and safety of All Firefighters.”

Goals & Objectives

  • MEMBERSHIP – To increase membership of all firefighters in the state of Nevada
  • FIRE SERVICE TRAINING – To promote and support an effective statewide training program that meets Nevada’s needs at all levels of service.
  • LEGISLATION – To insist legislative action ensuring funding for state fire training is utilized for the development of standards, curriculum, and delivery of fire training
  • COMMUNICATION – Develop a plan to have members become more informed and involved
  • FINANCIAL – To seek financial support for the funds and awards presented by the NSFA.
  • UNITY – Create an “identity”, comradery, between all Nevada state firefighters
  • CONFERENCE – To provide all areas of Nevada with the most up-to-date information, technology, and training.
  • PROGRAMS – To provide funds and awards to members and their families. As well as provide training for members.
  • NATIONAL – To represent all firefighters of Nevada at the national level to “give voice” to the needs of the firefighters.