Widows & Orphans Fund

The Nevada State Firefighters’ Association, Inc., in 2010, officially established a Windows and Orphans Fund to help Association members and their families do to injury, disability or fatality. The physical and emotional trauma of such can be devastating not only to the victim, but to the victim’s family.

The Nevada State Firefighters’ Association’s recognitions the devastating impact of off-duty firefighter injury, disability or fatality, and the need for establishing a Widows and Orphans Fund.

The Association’s Widows and Orphans Fund, established by Resolution 3-0910, provides financial assistance to the surviving member’s spouse or children. Funding is provided through interest earned on Association investments, donations, and through an annual auction of a revolving picture.

Who’s Eligible

All applications for assistance may be made by any eligible family member, by an Association member, or by a member department in good standing with the Nevada State Firefighters’ Association. A review committee, established to oversee the collection and disbursement of funds, consists of the Association President, Executive Director, and one member of the Board of Directors, appointed by the President.

Applicants for assistance shall have been a Regular Member of the Nevada of the Nevada State Firefighters’ Association in good standing for a minimum of ONE (1) year and shall have received off-duty injury, disability or death, not related to active involvement in the fire service.

What We Do

Upon receipt of an application, the review committee will meet and render a decision within thirty (30) days. Fund disbursements are limited to annual allocations per individual of $1,000. Disbursements may be limited to fund balances at the time of application. A minimum fund balance of $3,000 must be maintained at all times.

What Can it Be Used For

Financial assistance received may be applied to direct medical expense for the victim, emotional support, family support, and other similar uses acceptable to the review committee.

The Nevada State Firefighters’ Association stands ready to assist those touched by the impact and tragedy of off-duty firefighter related incidents or fatalities.

Download the NSFA Request for Funds