Department of The Year

The Nevada State Firefighters’ Association will annually recognize a fire department from the Nevada Fire Service who has demonstrated dedication and commitment, and has contributed to Nevada’s fire service and their communities in which they represent.


The following criteria will be assessed:

  • List percentage (%) of Active members that attend the following: Meetings ___% Trainings ___% Community ___% Fires ____%
  • List any outstanding calls within the past year.
  • List any ongoing and future programs that bring honor, public relations and service in the line of professionalism and human kindness to your community.
  • Has your Department helped neighboring Departments with training or donation of equipment?
  • List any significant incidents that illustrate service to the community or valiant performance of the Department.
  • List what your Department has done to upgrade itself in the past year.
  • Department Photo Included?


A department must submit an application to the NSFA Board of Directors. All nominees will be selected by the Association’s Executive Committee. All nominations must be submitted through a member of the Association. To make a nomination, you must complete an application and include at least a one page explanation of the department’s achievements and list the Department Chief, address and phone number. All applications must be received by April 15th of each year.


The recipient will receive a custom-printed NSFA Flag with their name on it. The Flag will be presented at the annual conference during the awards presentations.

Download the Department of the Year Application