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Stop, Drop, and Roll – Are you Ready?

In the fire service it is a given we are always preaching, performing, and practicing safety. We do a dangerous job and the more we know, the safer we are. So it makes perfect sense to have a plan like stop, drop, and roll. But… are we missing something? What about the emotional toll that firefighting takes on our relationships, health, and career? What kind of training do we do to make sure we navigate that safely? What are the strategies and tactics needed to safely manage our day-to-day lives? What if there was a simple method that would assist you in navigating any hazardous emotional environment? Would you be interested in deploying that lifeline? Join in on June 25th for an inspiring keynote on the 3 P’s, Perspective, Purpose and Passion, and how you can safely answer your own emotional 9-1-1 call! When we are healthy, everyone comes home safely!

Our keynote speaker, Gina Geldbach-Hall, is a retired battalion chief, life coach, and author. She is excited to be sharing her lessons from the fire line so you to can empower yourself and ignite your own flame! Check out her book, Firegal… Rising from the Ashes, available on and her website at