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Benefits Open Enrollment

NSFA Open Enrollment Period for New Benefits November 4- January 30, 2016

GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!! The NSFA now has many benefits that are available to you.

  1. We have simplified issue life insurance for you, your spouse and children. (5Star Life)
  2. We have a discount benefits program to save you money on movies, food, travel, hotels and many more items….(IPerks)
  3. We have a program so that you can call in to a doctor 24/7 and get a checkup/prescription. They will also help you locate a pharmacy with the lowest rate near you.(Healthiest You)
  4. Cancer Insurance that protects you on or off the job and if you never use it refunds your money (Family Heritage)
  5. Accident Plan that also protects your no matter where you are in the world and refunds your money if you never use it. (Family Heritage)
  6. Hospitalization plan that helps cover your health insurance deductible and save you money. (Washington National)
  7. We have a special discount given to the NSFA members if you want to buy a home by DR Horton.
  8. Firefighters Pre-Paid Debit Card-Coming Very Soon!!!!!!!


Many of these items are heavily discounted for your benefit or are donating back to the NSFA so that we can provide additional benefits to you, our members and family.

How do I take advantage of this? Please either go to the NSFA website and look for Member Benefits tab. There you can find a link to register for the IPerks benefit. If you are interested in any of the other benefits please reach out to:

Matthew Risher
Direct: 702.572.9500
Las Vegas, NV.


Jed Miner
Office: 801.420.3372
Orem, UT.

Make sure to look for more information in The Pumper!!!!! We will explain what is happening and how each of these programs benefit you!!!