New Firefighter License Plate

The Nevada DMV has released the new Firefighter license plate

The new FF plate will replace the VF plate due to a stacked letter conflict between Volunteer Firefighters and Air Force Veterans. This conflict didn’t bode well for anyone with either plate. If you shared a similar plate with an Air Force Veteran, you could get their speeding tickets and warrants for not appearing in court!

The new plates will be rolling out sometime in July and those of you who already have a non-personalized VF plate will automatically have one mailed to you for replacement.

As you may know, the fees for the now-retired VF plates and the new FF plates go towards training for volunteer firefighters in Nevada. So starting July 1, go forth and get your new Firefighter plates to help support volunteer firefighters across Nevada.


Mark Flesher | President
Nevada State Firefighters Association