NSFA 2021 Fire Department of the Year

On October 22nd 2021, Nevada State Firefighter Association Directors Scott Brown and Ken Smith had the privilege of presenting the NSFA Fire Station of the Year for 2020-2021 to Lhoist’s own Mine Rescue Team.  Located 21 miles north of Las Vegas in Apex along Highway 91, it is easy to understand the need for an industrial team such as theirs with the closest other units 20 minutes away.

            The Company’s stance on safety and this unit’s pride in what they are doing was first evidenced with our arrival at the front gate where we found on display their safety sign proclaiming 2,315 days without a lost time accident.  Their impressive feat is accomplished with more than 150 personnel operating 24 hours each day.  Lhoist’s operations utilizes multiple open pits for ore body, blasting and heavy equipment for the recovery of that ore, processing ore into a final customer product, and shipping off site happens by way of truck and railcar. 

            With this much activity day to day we were still able to meet with the men and women that stepped up to the task of fire & rescue, tour their medical area, review some emergency response plans and discussed training.  On site, team members can easily be spotted as emergency emissaries by way of tee-shirt, vest, and hardhat insignia not only by co-workers but visitors alike.  Outside the property’s main gate is not only Highway 91, but Interstate 15 through this mostly desolate area and team members have had opportunity to assist the public on scene till advanced crews arrived.  Keeping with a desire to be good neighbors within the Apex area, this mine fire & rescue team’s aspirations are to continue training and move beyond insipient stage firefighting along with advancing from a first aid role to an advanced EMS unit.

            The Nevada State Firefighter’s Association wishes to again congratulate the Mine Fire Rescue Team of Lhoist as the 2020-2021 Fire Station of the Year and we look forward to your growth as a department.